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Draft Air Quality Strategy 2019-24: tell us what you think

Improving air quality is an important issue for the City Corporation and our new draft Air Quality Strategy (5MB) outlines the steps we will be taking, over the next few years, to achieve better air quality in the Square Mile.

What do you think about the air you breathe?

We welcome your views and invite you to take part in our consultation to help us to develop a strategy that reflects the needs and aspirations of everyone who lives, works in or visits the City of London.

Consultation closes on Sunday 12 May 2019

Due to its location at the heart of London and the density of development, the City of London has some of the highest levels of pollution in the country. Poor air quality can harm human health and increase the incidence of cardiovascular and lung disease.

National health based objectives for the pollutants nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and small particles (PM10) are not being met in the City. In 2001 the Square Mile was designated as an Air Quality Management Area.

The draft Air Quality Strategy 2019 outlines actions that will be taken to improve air quality in the Square Mile, in 6 policy areas:

  • Air Quality monitoring
  • Leading by example
  • Collaborating with others
  • Reducing emissions from road transport
  • Reducing emissions from non-transport sources
  • Public health and raising awareness

Progress with actions within the current City of London Air Quality Strategy are detailed in annual Air Quality Reports together​ with long term air quality data.

The service is committed to the principles of the Regulators' Compliance Code, a statutory code for all regulators. We have a Policy Statement on Enforcement (200KB)​ approved by the Port Health and Environmental Services Committee. This sets out our approach to enforcement work in the City.

More information

If you have any questions on the consultation or would like to know more enail the City Air Team.