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    Air Quality Strategy

    Find out how we propose to fulfil our obligations for improving air quality in the Square Mile

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    Monitoring air quality
    Air Quality Monitoring

    Find out about air quality monitoring conducted in the Square Mile

  • Air quality
    Air Quality Reports

    Read our annual air quality data and research reports

  • Air quality
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    Building Emissions

    Did you know? A significant amount of air pollution comes from boiler, CHP and generator plant.

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    Business Engagement

    Working with City businesses, we are taking small, effective steps for better air quality.

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    Reducing Health Impacts

    Find out what impact poor air quality can have and how to reduce your exposure.

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    Car promoting not engine idling
    Idling vehicle engines

    Leaving your vehicle engine running when parked causes unnecessary air pollution. Find out how you can help improve the City's air.

  • Air quality
    Low Emission Neighbourhood (LEN)

    Improving local air quality by reducing traffic and supporting low and zero emission vehicles