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Certain industrial activities have the potential to contribute to air pollution. Local authorities, along with the Environment Agency, are required to regulate them to ensure that they are using best practice to minimise emissions to air. This responsibility is detailed in the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010.

Part A1 processes

Part A1 processes are very large operations such as power stations. These are regulated by the Environment Agency. There are no Part A1 processes in the City of London.

Part B and A2 processes

Both Part B and Part A2 operations are regulated by local authorities. The Part B regulatory system is known as Local Authority Pollution Prevention and Control (LAPPC). The Part A2 system is Local Authority Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (LA-IPPC). Local authorities deal with about 80 different types of installation including:

  • dry cleaning
  • vehicle respraying
  • furniture manufacture
  • cement batching
  • petrol stations

There are currently three Part B regulated processes in the City of London. They are listed below. Further information about these operations has been placed on a public register, which is free to view at the City of London Walbrook Wharf Office on Upper Thames Street.

Part B regulated processes operations
Reference Operator Address Date of issue
01/DC/CL City Slickers​ 34 - 36 Lime Street, London EC3M 7AT​ 5 April 2007
02/DC/CL​ City Slickers​ 57-60 Aldgate High Street, London, EC3N 1AL ​ 5 April 2007
03/DC/CL Cityclean​ 24 Goswell Road, London, EC1M 7AA ​ 5 April 2007

If you intend to operate a process that requires a Part B or Part A2 authorisation, you will need a permit. For detaiils contact:

City of London
Department of Markets and Consumer Protection
PO Box 270
London EC2P 2EJ

020 7332 3630

10 September 2013
Last Modified:
05 October 2017