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Proposed look of an Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Only street on Moor Lane

Following consultation, this pilot will not be going ahead in April 2019.

Further information will be available in due course.

The City of London Corporation is proposing to introduce a pilot to restrict vehicle access to the southern end of Moor Lane to Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) only.

This pilot scheme will provide the opportunity to study the impact of a ULEV only restriction on a small scale, and determine whether it is a suitable long-term initiative for the City of London in its bid to improve air quality.

​What is a ULEV?

A ULEV is defined as a vehicle that emits less than 75g of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilometre travelled and is capable of at least 10 miles of zero emission driving.

A ULEV vehicle is not the same thing as a vehicle that meets the requirements of the Mayor of London ultra low emission zone (ULEZ).

  • All fully electric vehicles are classified as ULEVs.
  • If your vehicle has a pure petrol or diesel engine it is not a ULEV.
  • Some plug-in Hybrid vehicles are classified as ULEVs if they meet the criteria above.

If you are unsure whether or not your vehicle is a ULEV, please visit the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency website to find out.

Proposal for Moor Lane


This pilot will not be going ahead in April 2019. Following consultation, the start time of this scheme is now under consideration and further information will be available in due course.


The southern end of Moor Lane (by Fore Street), at the existing police check point.


A 12-18-month experimental Traffic Management Order piloting restriction of access to Ultra Low Emission Vehicles only.

The restriction will be in force 7am-11pm Monday to Friday (current road closure to all vehicles of Moor Lane's southern access point during weekend day evenings and weekends will remain in place).

How will this affect me?

All non-compliant vehicles will be prohibited from driving through the southern end of Moor Lane, by Fore Street.

Access for drivers of non-compliant vehicles to the rest of Moor Lane, including Willoughby House car park, will still be available from the north via Ropemaker Street or Silk Street.

Similarly, access to Fore Street will be available from the south via London Wall.


​Our consultation pack (406KB) provides more information.

The consultation ran from 1 - 30 November 2018.

All responses to the consultation have now been carefully considered. This pilot will not be going ahead in April 2018 but is being considered for a future start date.

If you have any queries about the proposed scheme please email the Low Emission Neighbourhood team.

Ultra Low Emission Vehicles on UK market

A list of ULEVs currently on the market in the UK, and those eligable for a govenment grant can be found on the GOV.UK website.

To find out the CO2 emissions information for any make/model of car, please visit the DVLA car fuel database.

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