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The food safety Service Charter

We aim to ensure that all food and drink which is produced,stored, distributed, handled and consumed within the City of London is safe for the consumer to eat.​

How will we achieve this?

We will achieve this aim by:

  • carrying out planned inspections of food businesses at a frequency determined by risk assessment
    promoting good standards of food safety management through the provision of advice, support and training to food business operators
  • investigating food poisoning incidents and outbreaks associated with businesses operating in the City
    investigating serious complaints about food purchased by consumers in the City and complaints about our food premises
  • undertaking an annual food-sampling programme
  • taking appropriate action in response to Food Alerts issued by the Food Standards Agency
    undertaking food safety awareness initiatives​

When we visit you

When we visit your home or business we will:

  • show you our council identification and authorisation
  • clearly explain the task we have come to do
  • let you know what follow up action you can expect from us
  • clarify any complex advice or action in writing within ten working days of our visit
  • on occasions leave or send on to you a customer survey form asking for feedback

When you contact us

When you contact us for advice and assistance we will:

  • direct you to the most appropriate person and if they are not available, pass your details onto them
  • tell you whether we are able to deal with your request for advice or assistance. If we are not able to help you, we will explain why
  • send you relevant information and leaflets
  • in cases where we are able to deal with your request for advice or assistance, ensure that within five working days, you know the name of the officer who will be dealing with your enquiry
  • in cases where you have contacted us by letter, email or fax, give you a full reply within ten days
  • keep you informed of the progress of your enquiry by staying in regular contact​

When we contact you

Whenever we contact you we will:

  • be polite and helpful
  • respect your right to confidentiality
  • answer the telephone in a friendly and efficient manner
  • comply with the council’s Equality policy
  • arrange interpretation, translation or signing where necessary
  • always try to direct you to the most appropriate person and if they are not immediately available, pass your details onto them
  • welcome comments about the Service.​

Taking enforcement action

If we take enforcement action we will:

  • put legal requirements and advice clearly and simply. We will confirm these in writing within 10 working days of our enforcement visit
  • ensure that our letters explain what action is required, why it is necessary and clearly distinguish between legal requirements and good practice
  • provide you with an opportunity to discuss the matter with an officer before formal enforcement action is taken, unless immediate action is required
  • provide an explanation of why immediate action is required at the time and confirm in writing within ten working days of our enforcement visit
  • ensure that you have written information on your rights of appeal against formal enforcement action.​

Help us to help you

  • please be honest with us, and try to give us all the information we request. We will only ask for relevant information
  • please keep appointments
  • please take prompt action when requested to do so
  • please respond to customer survey forms that we send and provide us with your feedback.