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Information and enforcement

Certain information relating to enforcement action is available to the public including national data provided through the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and more local data available through the City of London.

The HSE maintain two online databases; one for enforcement notices and one for prosecutions it has taken. A link to these is provided at the bottom of this page.

Under the Environment and Safety Information Act 1988, local authorities are required to maintain a public register of all health & safety enforcement notices which were served for issues relating to persons other than just employees. Such notices are kept on the register for three years after being served even though remedial action may have taken place and resolved the problem. Information is also available to the public through the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Please follow this link for more detail on what information you can ask for and how to make such a request for information from the City of London.

Please be aware that requests for information relating to any on going criminal investigation are likely to be refused.

When considering enforcement, we refer to the following HSE guides which aim to ensure our decisions are consistent, transparent and proportional:

The service is committed to the principles of the Regulators' Code, a statutory code for all regulators. We have a Policy Statement on Enforcement (200KB) approved by the Port Health & Environmental Services Committee which sets out our approach to all enforcement work.

The enforcement activity of the team is reported to the HSE via an annual report known as an LAE1 return. This information is publically available from the Local Authority Unit at the HSE.

If you believe that any advice or enforcement we have given is incorrect then you should initially contact the relevant officer. The HSE also operate an Independent Regulatory Challenge Panel to whom matters may be referred if you should remain unhappy after discussing the issue with us.​