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Cooling towers

Picture of cooling tower

The audit and inspection of wet cooling towers constitutes one of the major pro-active elements of our work in order to prevent the spread of Legionella bacteria which is the cause of Legionnaires Disease.

We have considerable knowledge and experience in this field and have provided training for many other enforcement officers across the country. Over 100 premises are audited each year with the frequency of each inspection based upon a national risk rating scheme which takes into account how those responsible are managing health & safety risks.

Legionella growth and proliferation can be controlled and guidance on how to manage this can be obtained from the HSE website. In the event of an outbreak of Legionnaires Disease the City will follow the London Boroughs Legionellosis Incident Protocol (385KB).

Computer generated image of legionella bacteria

​The Department of Markets & Consumer Protection maintains a public register of all cooling towers registered within the City of London. To obtain a copy of this register please email the Public Protection Team, or on 020 7332 3630.

If you wish to notify us of a relevant device under the above Regulations then please download a copy of the notification form (49KB).

Further information

Further information on cooling towers can also be obtained from the following organisations with affiliation to the water treatment industry:

12 March 2012
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21 August 2019
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