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Lifts and Lifting Equipment

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All types of lifting equipment have to be thoroughly examined at least every twelve months (or every six months where they are used to lift people) by a competent person. If any defects are found which require immediate attention then they must be brought to the attention of the owners and us as the enforcing authority. These 'L3' lift reports can be sent electronically to the City of London by email to the Public Protection team or by fax to 020 7332 1623.

It is possible for lift inspectors to alert the person in control of the lift to a significant defect but to leave the lift in service and you must make appropriate arrangements for handling such events.

Information on how lifting equipment can be managed and also on testing and examining lifts can be obtained from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) or at the websites below.

Further information

Additionally the following organisations may be useful sources of advice:

12 March 2012
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28 May 2019