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Shaping the City concept

Shaping Tomorrow's City Today

​Shaping Tomorrow’s City Today is Lord Mayor Peter Estlin's mayoral programme which promotes innovation and technology, champions digital skills and addresses digital and social inclusion.

London has developed and maintained its status as a global hub for digital innovation and digital is set to be at the heart of future growth and competitiveness. With digital and technological transformation increasingly disrupting and blurring the traditional boundaries between education, businesses, charities and cultural institutions, it is more important than ever that we bring communities together to build, develop and nurture the pipeline of digitally-skilled and innovative talent.

As we focus on developing talent, it is crucial that we ensure that our digital future (1MB) includes everyone. Digital transformation offers us an opportunity to address digital and social inclusion, widen social mobility and create opportunity for all through skills development. It is an opportunity we must seize.

The Lord Mayor's programme

Lord Mayor's programme concept

​Specifically the ambition is to

Promote Innovation and Technology

  • Inspire a culture of innovation and promote emerging digital and technology platforms. (Driving economic growth and international trade.)
  • Grow the City and the UK as a hub for Fintech and Green Finance. (Increasing exports, increasing investment and increasing the scale of positive outcomes.)
  • Champion digital and technological initiatives in the City of London Corporation. (From 5G to the Electrification of the CoLC Fleet.)

Champion Digital Skills

  • Engage new audiences and develop new collaborations to lead the digital skills of tomorrow. (Hosting a Digital Skills Summit at Mansion House and promoting the Digital Skills Strategy of CoLC.)
  • Champion a digital skills pilot in a City of London Academy. (Improving student employability outcomes.)
  • Raise awareness of the importance of DQ. (Driving digital inclusion and digital citizenship globally.)

Address Digital and Social Inclusion

  • Widen access to work experience through digital collaborative platforms.
  • Support role of Apprentices and Digital Apprentices and explore the role for a Royal College or Society of Apprentices.
  • Build on the Future Leaders of Tomorrow initiative by promoting digital skills, innovation and young people.

About the Lord Mayor's lectures

If you would like to know more about the Lord Mayor's vision watch the lecture Peter Estlin delivered, at Gresham College, on digital skills and the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Coalition for Digital Intelligence

As part of the Lord Mayor’s agenda, the City of London Corporation is working to support the international Coalition for Digital Intelligence (CDI), which seeks to build a globally-recognised framework digital skills and digital literacy.

The CDI is an international multi-stakeholder community sponsored by the WEF, and led by OECD, IEEE and the DQ Institute that will coordinate the implementation of the digital intelligence framework across both the technology and education sectors, making sure that both work together and the world moves collectively faster towards universal digital intelligence.

To achieve this in the UK, the Lord Mayor is working with businesses and organisations across civil society to help establish a UK chapter of the CDI. The first of a series of roundtables was held on 27 February to discuss the emerging areas of strategic focus, with the next roundtable due to take place on 12 April. The principle aims of the organisation are likely to be to:

  • Help organisations advance digital intelligence
  • Promote a common understanding across education and technology communities of digital literacy and skills
  • Define and disseminate best practices and help establish common metrics
  • Facilitate coordinated action to advance digital intelligence and access to funding

Digital Skills Summit

On 30 November 2018, the City of London Corporation hosted its first Digital Skills Summit (2MB) at the Mansion House, which brought together speakers and delegates with an interest in to ensuring that people, communities and businesses are equipped with the digital skills that will help steer the City and the UK into the Digital Age. View the Summit's key themes (3MB) summarised and interpreted the by the live scribes.

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Part of his agenda is also to engage with apprentices to help develop a wider community group. The Lord Mayor has met with a group of apprentices from across the City of London Corporation and will be continuing to meet with apprentices from other organisations across the City. If your organisation would like to be involved, contact the Shaping Tomorrow's City Today team.

Work experience

The Lord Mayor is also keen to promote and open up work experience opportunities for young people and has engaged organisations across the education and business sectors to achieve this. Resources for young people to find work experience opportunities include WorkFinder and Placer.

Other resources for Shaping Tomorrow’s City Today

For more details or if you like to get involved, email the Shaping Tomorrow's City Today team.