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The Social Mobility Employer Index
    The Social Mobility Video
    ​Here is a short film detailing actions you can take to progress and nurture diversity in your organisation.

The City of London Corporation is committed to championing social mobility throughout our work internally and with our unique combination of stakeholders spanning the private, public, charitable and community sectors across the Square Mile, the City, London, the UK and beyond. Social mobility is a key organisational priority outlined in our Corporate Plan for 2018-23, which will help to deliver our aims to contribute to a flourishing society and support a thriving economy.

Our definition of social mobility is the ‘the ability and opportunity for individuals, families or groups to progress within a society to reach their full potential – in terms of income, education, employment, perceived social status, housing and place/postcode.

Our Social Mobility Strategy

Social Mobility Strategy, 2018-28: Potential today, success tomorrow (6MB). Through this 10-year strategy, we will promote and implement activities that facilitate better social mobility with our resident and worker populations, businesses in the City, the charities and good causes we support through our charitable funding, learners across our family of schools and through the other stakeholder groups we work with regularly including government and policy. Our vision for the strategy is that people enjoy a society where individuals from all socio-economic backgrounds can flourish and reach their full potential.

Over the next 10 years, we will be a valued advocate and thought leader for social mobility, committing to collaboration, partnership work, innovation and longitudinal evaluation, to ensure equality of opportunity for all and the removal of structural inequalities and barriers within our own organisation and beyond.

We won’t just work to level the playing field, we will make it fairer too.

Social Mobility Employer Index

Skilled and talented people are the most important drivers of innovation and growth in a rapidly changing world. That's why we are supporting the financial and professional services sector to access the skills and diverse talent it needs to compete now and in the future.

The Social Mobility Employer Index was launched in June 2017, a joint initiative between the Social Mobility Commission and the Social Mobility Foundation, in partnership with the City of London Corporation. The Index ranks participating employers on their actions to access and progress talent from all backgrounds, and showcases their progress towards improving social mobility.

Talking social mobility - opportunities to enhance it within your business

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