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Virtual Offices

What is a Virtual Office?

Sometimes called a mail forwarding business or an accommodation address, it is an address which is, in effect, rented to a business or individual to use as their own, despite the business or individual not actually being there.

There are many prestigious addresses in the City of London and often a business will acquire a trading address there and use that address in its advertising. Mail will either be collected from the address or forwarded on to another one.

How to register

Download an application form (50KB)

Download guidance notes (300KB)

The application form should be completed and returned along with a one off registration fee of £150. A certificate will be issued on receipt of the application.


The City of London introduced legal controls under the London Local Authorities Act 2007 which requires a virtual office to register with the Council, keep records of all clients who use their services and a copy of their identification and proof of address.

Failing to register with the City of London, keep records as required or make false entries could result in a maximum fine of £5,000. The legislation applies London-wide but is adoptive so a local council can choose whether or not to implement the Act in their area.

If you have any questions please contact us.

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