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Commercial Contract Management

28 March 2017

​Commercial Contract Management

The Commercial Contract Management (CCM) team provide information, advice, support and training to the City on all aspects of Contract Management. The CCM team work closely both with internal Contract Managers and external Third Parties to facilitate efficient and sustainable commercial relationships within all strategic contracts.

Performance Scorecard

The Performance Scorecard tool provides a high-level summary of the performance of our Supplier’s across a number of key performance areas. The scorecard is in place to ensure that the City can meet and exceed its current and future strategic objectives.

The scorecard will ensure that a standard approach is taken to monitoring and gathering evidence in order to drive best practice, mitigate risks or failing performance and to enable the City’s supply-chain to offer the best value, quality and innovation.

The 10 Corporate Measures of the Scorecard are:

Supplier Performance & Service Delivery
This will be a metric based on the supplier’s performance focused on the contract KPIs, customer satisfaction, budget and billing controls, finance performance and items of statutory compliance.

Commercialism & Innovation
To assess how innovation has been introduced or considered by our key Suppliers. We will monitor opportunities and their implementation, track savings, efficiencies and income generation outputs derived from the contract during its life cycle.

Internal Contract Management Performance
This metric will be inward looking as we will have a number of dependencies to deliver to ensure a successful contract outcome. Measured within this area will be assurances that there are contract handover plans, regular diarised Supplier meetings and milestone monitoring. Underpinning this will be the assurance that accurate and up to date documentation is managed appropriately.

Supplier Relationship & Supply Chain Management
This metric will include a subjective score on the overall relationship, taking into consideration all aspects of the contract, reputation in the marketplace and the Supplier’s ability to manage their supply chain to the levels required by the City.

Health & Safety
This metric will ensure suppliers have appropriate Health and Safety management provision in place, ensuring suppliers are complying with all relevant requirements, hold accurate data and relevant accreditation and are able to deliver interventions that satisfy the Corporation’s key policy and strategies in Health, Safety and Wellbeing.

Economic & Financial Standing
This metric will proactively seek assurances that our key Suppliers can continue to deliver the required service and monitors reputational risk and early indicators that a supplier may fail to meet the appropriate City, financial and regulatory requirements.

Risk Management
This metric will ensure risk and business continuity is at the heart of each of our key contracts. It will ensure suppliers have “live” risk registers, risk handling and escalation procedures, business continuity plans and procedures to mitigate the risk of organised crime.

Environmental Protection
Measurements in this area seek to ensure Suppliers are complying with mandatory Government Buying Standards and are supporting the City’s energy efficiency strategies and other key policies.

Social Value
Measurement of the delivery of social value across inclusion, community benefit, local economic regeneration, skills and apprentices, amongst other key themes.

Ethical Sourcing
The final metric will ensure Suppliers are compliant with the Modern Slavery Act, legal working rights in the UK, human rights requirements as well as ensuring they are sourcing from countries and sub-contractors that meet the City’s mandatory requirements.

If you have any further questions email the Commercial Contract Management team.

28 March 2017
Last Modified:
25 February 2019