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Responsible procurement

08 July 2016

​Responsible procurement is the 'golden thread' running through the City Corporation's overarching City Procurement Strategy. It recognises our responsibility to help the organisation procure value for money goods, services and works, whilst maximising social value, minimising environmental impacts and ensuring the ethical treatment of people throughout its supply chains.

The City Corporation is continually strengthening its pursuit of these goals, grouped into three key pillars of Responsible Procurement, with value for money principles applying throughout:

  1. Social value – Leveraging service and works contracts to protect and enhance the health and wellbeing of local people and the local environment, providing skills and employment opportunities and promoting the local economy.
  2. Environmental sustainability – Minimising environmental impacts, promoting animal welfare and improving efficiency throughout the supply chains of all goods, services and works procured by the City Corporation.
  3. Ethical sourcing – Ensuring that human rights and employment rights are protected throughout the City's supply chains and encouraging responsible business practices.

Suppliers to the City Corporation will be expected to share in our commitment to responsible procurement through the delivery of goods, services and works – the extent to which will depend on the nature, scope and value of each contract.

The way in which we pre-qualify bidders, specify requirements and evaluate potential suppliers reflects the Corporation’s commitment to responsible procurement, as do the terms and conditions of the contracts we make.

The City Corporation's first Modern Slavery Statement brings together the roles, remits, commitments and all work undertaken to tackle modern slavery and human trafficking by the City of London Police, Department for Children and Community Services, Community Safety, Port Health & Public Protection, HR, City Procurement, the Barbican, City Bridge Trust and Heart of the City. The Statement also details plans for continuous improvement and will be refreshed in July 2019.

Modern Slavery Statement 2018-2019 (289KB)

08 July 2016
Last Modified:
08 January 2019