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Think Invoice, Think E-mail

No more paper invoices

Over the last 10 years an increased awareness of the benefits of reducing paper have been driving most organisations, including the City of London Corporation to find ways to minimise or eliminate their paper processes. This helps us to reduce our costs, be more efficient and be socially responsible.

In line with this commitment the City of London are launching a new campaign to target a reduction in paper invoicing both internally and with all our suppliers – No More Paper Invoices, Think Invoice, Think Email.

Our ultimate aim is to eradicate paper invoices altogether and we are therefore encouraging suppliers to email invoices to us. Not only does this help the environment but it also means that we can guarantee to pay our suppliers more quickly.

All invoices can be emailed to the City Procurement Accounts Payable Team at the following address

The preferred format is Adobe PDF, but other formats such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and JPEGs are all accepted.

If you are currently sending paper invoices to City of London Corporation please now send all your invoices directly by email to the City Procurement Accounts Payable team using the email address provided above.

The City of London Corporation receives and currently processes nearly 100,000 invoices a year and up to 25,000 of these are still received on paper. That's 7,423 meters of paper end to end, enough to cover the length of Tower Bridge 30 times over.

Here are just a few of the benefits of moving to a fully electronic system:

  • Savings on the cost of paper, envelopes, printing and postage
  • Faster delivery of invoices, facilitating prompt payments
  • A much better audit trail and no more invoices lost in the post
  • A far less damaging impact on the environment

This campaign supports the City of London Corporation's E-invoicing Policy Position 2015 (100KB). This policy position confirms e-invoicing as the preferred method of receiving invoices. If you have any questions in regards to this policy position or the No Paper Invoices, Think Invoice, Think Email campaign please email

01 December 2015
Last Modified:
17 August 2018