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Visits and Tours

The Market is open to the general public. Guided tours of the market are organised by Billingsgate Seafood School.

Please note that children under the age of 12 are not permitted on the Market floor. It is advised that suitable non-slip footwear is worn.

Filming and photography at Billingsgate Market

Billingsgate Market and the City of London have strict rules concerning photography or filming for any purpose, commercial and non-commercial.

Non-commercial photography and filming

Visitors wishing to take photographs at the Market and students undertaking photographic project work must complete an application form.

To receive an application form for non-commercial photography, or if you need further information, please email a member of the Billingsgate Market team by email at or T 020 7987 1118.

There are some conditions that we ask you to note:

  • any permission is granted entirely at the applicant’s own risk
  • photographs are not to be published or used for any commercial purpose
  • any instructions given by an authorised Officer of the City of London must be complied with and whilst at Billingsgate Market an authorised permission slip must be produced if asked for
  • the use of tripods is not permitted and the applicant must not impede the running of the Market
  • a Merchant’s permission must be obtained before photographing that Merchant’s products

Commercial photography and filming

If you have any enquiries regarding commercial filming, they should be made to the City of London’s Film Office.

Film liaison contacts:

Joanna Burnaby-Atkins – T 020 7332 3202

Mick Bagnall – T 020 7332 3182

Email: Film Lisison Team

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