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As London's premier horticultural market, Spitalfields Market offers the widest range of fruit, vegetables and flowers.

For information regarding the pricing and availability of products please contact the tenants directly or the Spitalfields Market Tenants Association on 020 8556 1479 for general information.

New Spitalfields Market occupies an area covering 13 hectares (over 31 acres) and consists of a Market Hall of 28,700 sq.mtrs (309,000 sq.ft.) housing 115 trading units for wholesalers dealing in fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Four separate buildings provide 3720 sq.mtrs (40,000 sq.ft) of modern self contained units for catering supply companies. Over 900 sq.mtrs (10,000 sq.ft) of office space is also provided for fruit importers etc.

In addition, there are five ancillary accommodation units which house cafes, communal toilets and maintenance facilities. The services of a diesel/propane supplier, specialist pallet services and fork lift truck maintenance companies are also provided.

New Spitalfields Market has the highest number of wholesale traders of any horticultural market in the United Kingdom and the continual specialisation by wholesalers in exotic fruit and vegetables provides the greatest choice of these products of any Market in Europe. The Market site has extensive parking facilities providing over 1,800 spaces for customers, delivery vehicles and Market personnel, in addition there are over 100 spaces for the fleets of vehicles operated by the catering supply businesses.

The Superintendent is responsible for the administration and management of the Market and controls a staff of 31 people comprising of Administrative, Constabulary and Maintenance staff.

The Market Constabulary are responsible for the enforcement of the traffic control and security of the Market site and these staff are supervised by the Head of Security and three Sergeants. The maintenance and cleaning of the Market is supervised by the Head of Maintenance.

The Market Hall houses 115 trading units for wholesalers dealing in fruit, vegetables and flowers. Modern facilities in the Market Hall include cold storage rooms, ripening rooms and racking for palletised produce. The site has extensive parking facilities for customers, delivery vehicles and market personnel.​

20 April 2012
Last Modified:
08 August 2018