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The British Blues Exhibition at Barbican Music Library

In honour of the late Chris Barber.

The British Blues Exhibition charts the rise of the music that became the ‘British Blues Explosion’, detonating on both sides of the Atlantic in the 1960s and changing popular music forever.

With exhibits ranging over a 100-year span right up to the modern day, featuring the ‘Boat that rocked’ Radio Caroline, The Rolling Stones, The Animals, Cream, and Jools Holland, with musical instruments, books, sheet music, posters, and much more.

An original Howlin’ Wolf 78rpm release – donated by the Blues Foundation in the US – is one of the proudest exhibits as the exhibition showcases vinyl and other musical release formats that helped carry the African-American music worldwide.

This exhibition is primarily about a remarkable musical history, but it also reflects the cultural impact of Blues music and has exhibits from artists Stella Tooth and Pete Marsh.

Exhibition supporters: John Mayall, Chris Barber, Connie Lush, Mud Morganfield (eldest son of Muddy Waters), Huey Morgan, and Pete Brown (Cream lyricist).

The exhibition has previously appeared at locations including The Musical Museum, The House of Lords, The Eel Pie Club, and the Great British RnB Festival in Colne.

Curated by Darren Weale. For more information on the exhibition visit the British Blues Exhibition website