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Building control

Full plans application

This route is available for all work. A Full Plans submission comprises the application form, plans and information showing the extent of the proposals in sufficient detail to demonstrate compliance with the regulations, together with appropriate payment.

Building Notice application

The Building Notice route is generally not available for work affecting buildings that will be places of work (offices, shops, hotels, factories) or any other buildings to which the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies. The Building Notice submission will include details and a description of the proposals, together with appropriate payment which is payable in full at the time of the application.​

Regularisation application

Regulation 18 (unauthorised building work) provides for work to be regularised. A Regularisation application must include a description and details of the work . Having reviewed this information we will carry out a site inspection and may require you to open up any work that has been covered as well as undertaking tests and taking samples to verify the adequacy of the construction. Once we are satisfied that the work complies with Building Regulations we will issue a Regularisation Certificate.​

Ad hoc Building Control payment

Make an ad hoc payment to Building​ Control.