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In-year school admission

To apply for an in-year school place please complete this online form. If your child has a statement of Special Educational Needs or EHC Plan, please contact the SEN team of the local authority that maintains the Statement/EHC Plan as a different statutory application process applies.

Supplementary Information Form (SIF)
Applicants applying for a school place under criteria 2, 3 or 4 of the oversubscription criteria should also complete a SIF so that the governors may consider their application fully, and must return it to the school office. Click this link to download the SIF. Applicants completing the SIF must also complete the in-year admissions form in order to make a valid application.

If you need help filling in the online application form or require advice on the in-year admission process please call Sir John Cass's Foundation Primary School on 020 7283 1137