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How to complete an order

How to place an order for online services and/or goods

This is a general guide about the steps to follow to when placing an order. The webpage of your selected online service will give you more specific information. to help you place an order. Please place your order in English.

From 16 May 2013 you will no longer be required to register for the majority of our online transactions making it simpler and easier for you to pay and report online.

Due to these changes those wishing to retain an online account or to continue paying council tax, housing rents and sundry invoices will need to re-register their online account.

1. Log on or register

Go to My City Login/Register.

Existing customers will need to log on by entering their email address and password.

New customers will need to register.

2. Find Online Service

Click on a service from the alphabetical list, eg Fault Reporting.

3. Read information provided about service or products available


In the case of products, eg from the City of London Shop, search for the product you require using Quick Search, Advanced Search or by browsing through available products.

Double click on the required product to see a description of the product, its price and availability.


The information will differ depending on the service requested but will usually include details of the service you will receive and timescales, the costs of applying and the steps to follow to apply.

4. Special conditions

These will be set out on the webpage for the particular online goods or services you require. It is important to read and understand these conditions in addition to the main City of London Legal Notices before you order because they will apply to your order.

5. Add to cart or complete online application form

If you have not already done so you will now need to log on or register.


Click on Add to Cart.

The option to Add to Cart will only be shown if your required product is in stock.

In the View Shopping Cart screen you will be able to enter required quantities, delete an item by clicking on the X beside it or delete all items by clicking on Empty Cart. The various payment methods are also set out.


Click Continue.

Each service will have its own specific application form with instructions for completion. You will be required to complete all boxes marked with an asterisk and have the option to fill in boxes not marked * if you are happy to provide additional information.

6. Proceed to checkout/Apply online


Click on Proceed to Checkout button.


Click on Apply Online button.

7. Shipping address

The shipping address is the address at which you will receive your products or receive the results of your requested service.

You are required to complete the boxes marked with an asterisk and may complete the optional boxes if you wish.

8. Confirm details

Very important - Please read the current version of the Legal Notices which comprise the Conditions of Use, Privacy Statement and General Conditions of Sale because you will be bound by the Legal Notices if you continue with your Order. It is important to read the Legal Notices every time you visit the website to order goods or services because the Legal Notices are changed from time to time. Please carefully check the information on this page which will include Billing details, Shipping details and an Order Summary.

9. Edit details

Click relevant Edit button and make any changes you require.

10. Proceed to payment page

If you have changed your mind, simply click on the Cancel button at the bottom of the page. If you want to proceed with your order, click Continue button.

11. World Pay secure payment page

On some webpages, eg City of London Shop, you will have to double click on your required payment method to take you to the payment details form.

Complete boxes on payment form which are marked with an asterisk *.

If you wish to edit any payment details, click on Start Again and a blank payment form will be displayed for you to complete.

If you decide not to proceed with your order click on Cancel Purchase.

Click on Confirm Payment if you wish to confirm your offer to purchase services or products from the City of London

12. Order confirmation email

You will receive an email confirming the Corporation’s acceptance of your offer which will give a summary of the goods or services ordered, a transaction reference number, payment and shipping details. At that stage a binding contract between us will come into existence. The email will also give you details of how to cancel an order and return goods. Please note the right to cancel does not apply in all cases.

13. View order history

After placing your order you can make changes to it, prior to dispatch by clicking on Edit Order in the View order history page. If the goods have been dispatched or the service started, the option to edit will not be available. See your right to cancel.

14. Store and print copy of Term and Conditions

Download the Legal Notices here.

15. How to cancel

If you would like to return your goods after dispatch, please see your right to cancel and the steps to follow to return goods. If you have any technical queries, please tel 020 7332 3799 or email.​​