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IATA compliant pet transport kennels

Before we can release your pet it will need to clear customs. In most circumstances your agent organises this for you. Your agent is also responsible for collecting your pet's paperwork from the airline and delivering it to HARC or APHA for compliance checks.

Do I need a pet transport agent?

Some airlines will require you to nominate a UK pet transport agent before flying your pet. We cannot recommend an agent but you may find the following websites useful:

Can I clear my pet through customs myself?

You may be able to obtain customs clearance for your pet yourself without using an agent. You will first need to contact the airline as it may have a policy or security procedure that requires you to use an agent.

You will then need to contact the National Clearance Hub to ensure that it is open for private clearance when your pet is scheduled to arrive. The National Clearance hub is responsible for clearing pets through customs arriving from third countries. You will need to ask what forms you need and the procedures you must follow. You will need to provide us with the details of your pet's arrival at least 72 hours before arrival. These details must include:

  • Country of origin
  • Flight number with the date and time of arrival
  • Your name, address and contact numbers
  • A statement that you will be processing the customs clearance yourself and you have completed the above

On the day of arrival HARC will collect your pet from the inbound aircraft. If the original paperwork is sent to the airline handling shed you will need to collect it and deliver it to us. When we have checked your pet's paperwork we will issue you with a certificate confirming that your pet is compliant with UK entry requirements. You will then need to liaise with the National Clearance Hub and the airline to obtain and deliver the original release note to give to us.

You will need to pay the fees below before we can give your pet to you.

  • £85 to collect the pet(s) from the aircraft
  • If a pre-check is performed on your Pet Travel Scheme paperwork: £177 boarding and £43 for each additional pet when you have more than one
  • If a pre-check is not performed on your Pet Travel Scheme paperwork: £235 boarding and £43 for each additional pet when you have more than one
23 May 2012
Last Modified:
24 May 2019