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Barbican Estate car parks are staffed with a 24 hour concierge service to help with parking and maintain resident and visitor safety.

Parking Permits

Permanent parking for cars and motorcycles is offered to Barbican Estate leaseholders and their registered sub-tenants using long term or permanent parking licences.

To apply for, or renew, a parking permit please contact the Barbican Estate Office.

Homeowners, ie Leaseholders, have indefinite permits:

Leaseholders are charged an initial administration fee plus quarterly charges which can be added to their quarterly service charges or leaseholders may elect to pay in advance for a fixed term duration.

Sub-tenants however do have permits that expire. The longest period available without renewing is 12 months. A window decal to display in the car showing the expiry date is provided.

Sub-tenants: are permitted to park for fixed-term durations with the written consent of their landlord or managing agent. These are non-refundable and payable in advance at the Barbican Estate Office.

At the end of the fixed term a sub tenant can apply to extend the licence for another fixed term by contacting the Barbican Estate Office.

If you live on another estate administered by the City of London Corporation parking permits are managed separately.

Current Car Parking Charges
Cost Admin fee Time period
Leaseholders & registered sub-tenants £335 £62 per quarter (3 months)
£670 £62 6 months
£1,005 £62 9 months
£1,340 £62 12 months
Leaseholders £10.45 n/a per 24 hours

Current Motorcycle Parking Charges
Cost Admin fee Time period
Leaseholders & registered sub-tenants £239 £62 12 months

Visitor / Temporary Parking

Barbican Estate residents can get temporary visitor parking for cars or motorcycles.

Each Barbican Estate property is entitled to an initial 5 hours free visitor parking. For longer periods, residents are charged the above rates.

To pay for visitor/temporary parking

  • use RingGo (see below for more information)
  • email the Barbican Estate team with details of the vehicle and the relevant Barbican Estate address.

Bicycle lockers

Bicycle lockers are available to residents who wish to store their bicycles in securely contained units.

Annual fee: £90 plus £40 key deposit

RingGo - quick and easy way to pay for temporary parking

Setting up a RingGo account

RingGo is widely used in all on-street parking areas in the City of London and other London Boroughs, so you and your visitors may already have an account that you can use for temporary parking.

If you have not used the automated payment system by RingGo before, you will need to set up an account and the easiest way to do this is by going to the RingGo website.

Click on the 'sign up' button in the top right corner and enter the details requested. This includes a valid credit or debit card and at least one vehicle registration number. You will also be asked to enter a number password (PIN) that you will need to access your account. You can create your own number password (PIN) or use the last four digits of your credit or debit card.

RingGo location numbers

You will need the Location Number when paying to park so we have listed these and car park names below.

Estate concierges (Car Park Attendants) can provide you with a personalized wallet card for your parking location.

Car Park Location Number Car Park name & address Estate Concierge contact number:
79370 - Andrewes House, Fore Street, 020 7029 3928
79371 - Breton House, Golden Lane, 020 7029 3938
79372 - Bunyan Court, Fann Street, 020 7029 3940
79373 - Cromwell Tower, Beech Street, 020 7029 3924
79374 - Defoe House, Beech Street, 020 7029 3939
79375 - Speed House, Silk Street, 020 7029 3925
79376 -Thomas More House, Aldersgate Street, 020 7029 3934
79377 - Willoughby House, Moor Lane, 020 7029 3931

You will need the car park Location Numbers listed above every time you use RingGo, so please keep a note of them for future reference.

Paying for visitor parking

You can pay online or using your mobile phone. When using your mobile phone, you can choose to pay by using the RingGo mobile website or the smartphone app (free to download from your app store), or by calling 020 7110 0000 (calls charged at local rate).

To pay for parking you will need to enter the following details:

  1. the car park Location Number
  2. select the vehicle that you are paying to park
  3. the number of days required for parking
  4. the 3-digit security number (CVV) from the back of the credit or debit card registered with the RingGo account

The Estate Concierge staff and Car Park Attendants are notified of all RingGo parking transactions as soon as the payment is completed, so you do not have to worry about receiving invoices for parking that you have already paid for.

Parking receipts

You can obtain a receipt for your parking payments by going to the RingGo website and logging into your account using your mobile phone number and password number (PIN). Click on ‘receipts’ and select the date range to view and download your parking receipts. You can also update your ‘profile’ and choose to have the receipts emailed directly to your inbox.

Adding or deleting vehicle registrations

You can add and delete vehicle registrations on your RingGo account at any time. Simply click on 'options' and 'vehicles' if you are using the RingGo app or mobile web or 'profile' if you are accessing your account online.

Optional texts

  • There are two optional text message services that you can choose to receive and both are charged at 10p per text.
  • Text reminders are sent to your mobile phone five to ten minutes before the parking session ends. This will enable you to pay for additional parking time using your mobile phone.
  • Confirmation texts are sent to your mobile to confirm that the parking session has been paid for.

If you have any questions about the new automated payment system for parking from RingGo, please do not hesitate to contact the Barbican Estate Office by sending an email to the Barbican Estate team or contact your Estate Concierge using the relevant number above.