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How to report a repair

Email Barbican Repairs or contact the Repairs Reporting Line on 020 7029 3909, Monday to Friday 8am-5pm.

How quickly will a repair be done?

The time taken depends on the sort of repair you need and are laid out in the service level agreements with residents.

Category 1 (one working day) - Urgent repairs necessitated by an imminent threat to the health, safety and security of residents, visitors or staff. This category includes such items as making safe any exposed electrical wiring or broken glass in communal areas, clearing blockages or repairing leaks that are causing flooding.

Category 2 (three working days) - Intermediate repairs requiring attention to maintain the high standards of security, safety and comfort of residents, visitors and staff but which do not pose an imminent threat to health, safety nor security. This would include such items as repair or replacement of defective security equipment, repairs to entrance doors, etc. so long as these defects do not pose an imminent threat to the health, safety and security of residents, visitors or staff.

Category 3 (five working days) - Non-urgent repairs to items or fittings not requiring an urgent response for health, safety or convenience reasons (such as additional works following urgent repairs requiring components or materials to be ordered such as general carpentry or metal works).

Category 4 (20 working days) - Low priority. All other works such as cosmetic repairs to communal areas necessitated by wear and tear or repairs undertaken under other categories or those required to restore communal facilities to the recognised high amenity standards. These would include decorations necessitated by other repairs and routine maintenance tasks.

Once you have reported a repair you will be sent an order acknowledgement form which will include the details of the repair, the order number and a deadline for the repair to be completed within. The form also contains a satisfaction survey which asks for your comments on the completed job and how satisfied you are with the repairs service.


The lift maintenance and repair services are undertaken by a specialist contractor who provides a response to lift trappings and lift failures. (The duty on-site engineer will provide an initial response to 'out of hours' incidents). If you become trapped in a lift, for assistance press and hold the alarm button.

If spare parts are available, general lift failures will be attended to within 24 hours, or earlier where possible.

Background underfloor heating

To report issues with the background underfloor heating email Barbican Repairs. Response times for heating repairs are as follows: total loss of heating – 24 hours, partial loss of heating - three working days.

Background underfloor heating is provided during the "heating season" which runs from 1 October to 30 April. The system is designed to provide heating to 15.6C/60F where external temperatures are down to 1.7C/35F. If external temperatures fall below this level the target internal temperature target may not be reached.


To report issues with your Garchey email Barbican Repairs. Garchey engineers will be available to attend to problems within flats between 8am and 4pm (Monday to Thursday) and between 8am and 3.30pm (Friday).

Out of hours emergency service (Monday to Thursday 5pm to 9.15am and 5pm Friday to 9.15am Monday)

Out of hours emergencies

The duty on-site engineer will be responsible for providing the out-of-hours estate management function such as attendance at emergency incidents, lift trappings and attending to serious leaks. (On-site staff are available 365 days a year).

For the out of hours emergency service telephone 020 7029 3953 or alternatively contact your local Estate Concierge or Lobby Porter.

14 May 2012
Last Modified:
21 August 2019
Rebecca Marshall