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Date updated: 8/20/2021

Mobility and disabled access

The City of London Corporation seeks to ensure that all areas open to members of the public are fully accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. If you encounter any areas of public walkway which cause you access difficulties, contact the Barbican Estate Office.

If difficulties are encountered on the public highway, you should contact the Highways Team and they will ask the City of London Access Group (CoLAG) for advice. They will investigate and decide if there are any adjustments possible to improve the situation.

Public lifts associated with the Barbican Estate PDF (1MB)
Date submitted: 6/24/20

CoLAG is available for residents or workers in the City who have a disability or have an interest in access issues around the City. The group meets every two months and has speakers at every meeting who consult with the group on new schemes.

For queries about access issues within the built environment or to join the group, email COLAG.

Access to your property

Concerns about access to your property should be forwarded to the Barbican Estate Office. If you have an Occupational Therapist (OT) assisting you, and you consider that alterations are necessary to help you with daily living requirements, then please discuss this with the OT.

In addition, all documents can be produced in alternative formats upon request. This includes large print, audio tape or Braille. If you require anything in these formats, ask the Barbican Estate Office.

Access to podium level for wheelchair users is via the nearest block lift for holders of Barbican Estate keys. There are a number of access points for visitors.

  • Lift near 1 London Wall
  • Lift at entrance to the Museum of London located on the roundabout at the end of London Wall and Aldersgate Street
  • Turret lift near the entrance to Thomas More car park on Aldersgate Street.
  • Ramp at White Lyon Court / Fann Street
  • Ramp at Ben Jonson House junction with Whitecross Street.
  • Lift at junction of Moor Lane / Ropemaker Street
  • Lift at corner of Gilbert House on St Giles Churchyard

Mobility vehicles

Areas in some of the car parks have been set aside for Mobility Vehicles, as these should not be stored in communal areas. These bays are located near the main staircases of blocks and also provide charging facilities.

Contact the Barbican Estate Office to arrange the allocation of a Mobility Vehicle Bay if required.