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Date updated: 6/01/2023

The City of London Cemetery and Crematorium is a tranquil and beautiful resting place for over 500,000 people. A Grade 1 listed landscape rich in history, architecture, nature and wildlife.

Cremation services

  • There are four ceremonial chapels.
  • North and South chapels have a capacity for 100 people seating and 300 people standing.
  • The East chapel can seat 80 people and the West chapel can seat 30 people.

Burial services 

Funeral services can take place in The Anglican Church and the non–conformist (or Dissenters). Both are Gothic style Grade II listed buildings. 

Garden of rest

  • A peaceful, quiet and shaded area for unmarked resting place for ashes.
  • If the funeral service was held at the City of London Crematorium, scattering of ashes in the Garden is free of charge during weekdays. Fees are applicable during weekends.

Memorials gardens dedications

The Memorial Garden is a beautiful place full of roses, flowers, borders, trees and shrubs.

  • An inscribed bronze plaque is displayed next to the dedicated item.
  • Ashes of your loved one are placed directly in the soil nearby.
  • Each individual dedication may be purchased for ten years and can be extended as desired.

Memorial garden columbarium

  • Contains individual niches for the ashes of your loved one.
  • Fresh or silk flowers may be placed in the holders.
  • Niches are lockable and have an aluminium memorial plaque which can be engraved with your own personalised inscription and motif.
  • Can be leased in ten-year periods.

Catacomb columbarium

The Catacomb Columbarium offers a light, calm atmosphere. The interior is lit from above by four stained – glass ceiling panels depicting the four seasons.

  • Niches are available to lease in ten-year periods for as long as required.
  • Each can hold one or more urns or caskets.

The volumes of the Book of Remembrance provide a simple and lasting memorial and are displayed in the chapel of remembrance.

  • Contains a page for each day of the year which are turned daily.
  • The date chosen can be personal to you e.g. date of death, date of cremation, a birthday or anniversary.
  • Volumes are displayed in glass cabinets.
  • Replicas of your entry are available if you wish to keep a copy of the epitaph.

You can also view all Book of Remembrance inscriptions online. Inscriptions can be ordered upon request. 

Email the Cemetery

Amongst the tree lined avenues there are over 150,000 grave and over 70,000 gravestones and monuments with fascinating stories of people buried and cremated since 1856.  Notable figures include Bobby Moore and Joseph Merrick.