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Date updated: 6/01/2023

Approximately 600,000 people have been interred here and with the remains of over 30 of the City's churchyard also on site, the figure is approaching one million.

What information do we have?

We have been recording the details of every burial and cremation since opening in 1856.

All our registers contain the following information:

  • Burial number.
  • Date of burial.
  • Description, avocation and parochial residence of the deceased.
  • Age and sex.
  • District in which the death was registered.
  • From which parish was the deceased removed from.
  • Situation of the grave - square and grave number.
  • Number of the grant.
  • Description of the interment.
  • Consecrated or non-consecrated ground.
  • Ceremony performed by.

Information recorded about the deceased is limited to:

  • The date of burial / cremation.
  • The full name of the deceased*
  • the age of the deceased*
  • The address if the deceased or place of death.

*The person making the funeral arrangements may mistakenly give the wrong age of the person, incorrectly spell a name, or not record a middle name. This will need to be taken into account when conducting the investigation.

Burial Registers
Burial registers located in the bereavement services office.

Online search registers


Burial records from 24 June 1856 to 7 October 1955 are available online. 

You need to enter month and year for both the start and end date of your search. You can also use the burial number, if known. Please note that the records are arranged by date of burial, not date of death.

Recent records

If you are looking for more recent burial records, contact us to make arrangements to view the registers at our office or book a researcher.

Email the Cemetery