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Consultation on Public Space Protection Order

​Anti-social behaviour during the London Marathon

For several years the City of London has experienced significant problems associated with large groups of people getting intoxicated, becoming violent and harassing members of the public and runners on the day that the London Marathon is taking place.

In order to improve our ability to deal with this situation, and to bring the policing of the City of London part of the Marathon route in line with the approach taken by the Metropolitan Police for the rest of the route, the City of London Police have requested that the City of London Corporation seek to introduce a 24 hour Public Space Protection Order (60KB) (PSPO).

This will only be in effect for the actual day of the London Marathon itself and will give more powers to the police and Corporation officers to deal with these issues in the area around the marathon route in the Square Mile.

Tell us what you think

As part of this process we are undertaking a public consultation and are seeking the views of those who may be affected by this proposal.

Either, complete this short survey which should take no more than five minutes, or call us on 020 7606 3030 to ask us to send you a paper version of the survey for you to complete and send back to us.

Or, write to us at Community Safety Team, City of London Corporation, Guildhall, PO Box 270, London EC2P 2EJ

Or, Get in touch with your elected Member and ask them to pass on your view to the Community Safety Team.

​Data Protection Privacy Notice (76KB)

What extra powers would a Public Protection Order provide?

​The City of London Police would be given additional powers to prevent public drinking and intoxication in specific areas, by refusing entry to designated areas to those carrying alcohol or nitrous oxide for up to 12 hours, or by confiscation of these items from those considered to be behaving in an anti-social manner within the designated area. Failure to comply could lead to a fine of up to £1,000.

Why is this important?

​We want everyone who comes into the Square Mile to feel safe and to be safe whether they are a resident, a worker at a local business, a tourist or a marathon runner. The large groups who congregate in Trinity Square and its vicinity on the day of the London Marathon create a hostile environment and are often verbally abusive towards those competing in the London Marathon as well as other spectators.

Where can I find out more information?

​The extent of the problem and the efforts undertaken in previous years by the City of London Police, the Marathon organisers, the City of London Corporation and local businesses to tackle it.

A 'Plain English' version of the proposed Public Space Protection Order

The proposed legal text for the Public Space Protection Order.

A list of all the streets included in the area.

What is the aim of the consultation?

​We are particularly keen to find out:

  • Whether you support or oppose the proposal for a Public Space Protection Order on the day of the London Marathon.
  • Whether you have been affected by anti-social behaviour or disorder on the day of the London Marathon within the Square Mile and
  • What kind of an impact having this PSPO in place would have on you.

As with all our consultations, we would like to hear from as many people as possible, whatever your view on this proposal, to help us build up as complete a picture as possible.

What happens after the consultation closes?

​This consultation will run until the 7 February 2020 and will be important in determining how we proceed with this proposal. Our elected Members will look at the findings of this consultation, coupled with what we have been told by community representatives and partners about the impact of this anti-social behaviour, and will decide whether to go ahead with introducing a Public Space Protection Order. If this is agreed, we are hopeful that we will be able to have it in place in time for the next London Marathon, which is happening on Sunday 26 April 2020.