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Three wise things - Eat, Pace, Plan

This festive period we want Londoners to have a good time, eat drink and be merry but also to stay safe and not ruin their night.

Last December over 6,000 incidents the London Ambulance Service attended were alcohol related. Look after your friends and colleagues this year and stick to safer drinking levels. If it is your office party tonight, or even just going out with friends, family or colleagues, remember to plan your journey home in advance, check the train or bus times and only use licenced taxis. Don’t just think about how to get there; think about how you will get home.

Put some extra thought and plans in place for a safer more enjoyable night out. Have a safe and merry Christmas!

Our 12 top tips of Christmas

  1. Make sure you eat before you go out. Eating can help slow down the absorption of alcohol, helping you stay in control. Why not book a party somewhere that serves meals or snacks.
  2. Try pacing and spacing. Having a soft drink or some water between alcoholic drinks slows the rate of your drinking. Why not try a non-alcoholic drink or cocktail?
  3. Stick to safer drinking levels. 14 units in a week spread over three or more days. According to Drinkaware a 125ml glass of wine is around one and a half units of alcohol.
  4. Try and keep a check on how much you are drinking. The NHS Change4Life tracker or Drinkaware's Track and Calculate Unit's app will help you keep track of how much you are drinking and spending.
  5. Keep an eye on your drinks and don’t leave them unattended and if a friend or colleague seems inebriated don't buy them any more drinks.
  6. Beware of drinking in rounds. Don't feel obliged to keep up with other people. Trying to keep up is dangerous and expensive.
  7. Before you go out, think about where the nearest public transport is to your party and check the time of the last bus or train. Visit
  8. Look after your friends and colleagues and make sure you know how you are getting home at the end of the night. Plan your journey in advance.Look after your friends and colleagues and make sure you know how you are getting home at the end of the night. Plan your journey in advance.
  9. Have the number for a reputable taxi company in your area saved on your phone and book in advance. Do not accept lifts from strangers. Cabwise. Text HOME to 60835 for a list of licenced cab numbers.
  10. 'Share the fare’ and share a cab with a colleague or friend who lives close by.
  11. Remember after a big night out you may still be over the drink drive limit.
  12. Have a Merry Christmas and think Eat, Pace, Plan!

Remember in an emergency call 999.

Support the campaign: #EatPacePlan

In this pack (8MB), we have brought together all the information that you and your organisation need making it simple to join our campaign. You can support us on social media, share this toolkit, as well as advise on what office party planners can include in their invite to their colleagues to make sure everyone has a great time and gets home well and safely.

More information

Get in touch if you have any questions about our campaign and if we can help you at

We will be tweeting throughout December and advertising through social media. Keep a look out! Get in touch to add your logo to the toolkit and help spread the message.

07 November 2017
Last Modified:
30 November 2017
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