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The Community Trigger process gives victims of persistent anti-social behaviour the right to ask local agencies to review how they have responded to previous anti-social behaviour complaints and consider what further actions might be taken where the behaviour persists.

It is not a complaints procedure

It is intended to offer a safety net for vulnerable victims and to help avoid individuals being passed between agencies without resolution. It can be used for both anti-social behaviour and hate incidents.

How does it work?

Any victim, or victim’s representative, (written consent is required) can activate the Community Trigger if:

  1. at least three separate qualifying complains of anti-social behaviour or hate incidents must have been made within the past six months
  2. No action has been taken
  3. Your case has been closed and the original problem persists

Fill the Community Trigger Form if your issue or concern meets this criteria

What happens next?

We will:

  • Acknowledge that we have received your concerns within two working days.
  • Contact you to discuss the issue and obtain any further information and what would you like the outcome to be. This might be over the telephone or in person, and might include a joint visit with another relevant body.
  • Contact all the relevant agencies (the police, the council, your housing provider) to identify whether the trigger threshold has been met.
  • Look at what action has and can be taken.
  • Let you know the decision and any further action that will be taken.

Responding to and tackling anti-social behaviour and hate motivated incidents are priorities in the City of London.

Learn more about how the Community Trigger procedure (691KB)works

Contact the Community Safety Team on 020 7332 3808 or email Safer City Team

In an emergency always call 999.