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Reframe The Night

Reframe the night campaign theme

Highlighting the need for a change in social attitudes towards sexual harassment in the night-time economy.

#ReFrameTheNight aims to challenge people to reframe the common perceptions and beliefs that are so regularly used when talking about sexual harassment. This has been done using five commonly held beliefs about sexual harassment and ‘reframed’ them to reflect the reality.

#ReFrameTheNight is launching on 25 November, to tie in with the start of the national campaign ‘16 days of action against Violence Against Women and Girls’. Although #ReFrameTheNight is aimed at everyone regardless of gender or sexuality, we recognise that sexual harassment is disproportionately experienced by women.

The notion of team nights out and socialising with colleagues in the night-time economy is deeply embedded within the culture of the City of London. Employers have a duty of care to ensure their employees are safe and protected and it is encouraged that they actively challenge myths and beliefs around sexual harassment and abuse.

Doug Barrow, Chairman of the City of London Corporation’s Safer City Partnerships Strategy Group, said: “Sexual harassment is completely unacceptable in the City or anywhere else. It has a profound impact on the victim, affecting every aspect of their life.

“Many people affected by sexual violence blame themselves and question whether they could have done something differently to prevent the incident from occurring. These views are reinforced within society by myths and beliefs about sexual harassment. #ReFrameTheNight aims to challenge these myths and beliefs, putting the blame and responsibility back on the perpetrator, not the victim.”

#ReFrameTheNight is part of the City of London Corporation’s commitment to the Mayor of London’s Women’s Night Safety Charter. We are working in partnership with Hackney Council and Good Night Out Campaign to challenge myths and beliefs about sexual harassment and hold the perpetrator to account.

If you have been affected by sexual harassment or abuse there is support available.

Local services

Vulnerable victims advocate

Police emergency 999
Police non-emergency 101

Reporting crime

020 7392 2919

London Borough of Hackney

National services

Survivors Gateway
0808 801 0860

Victim support helpline
0808 1689 111

Survivors UK
0203 598 3898

Galop (support for LGBT+)
020 7704 2040 (London)
0800 999 5428 (national)