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City Community MARAC

Date updated: 11/08/2022

The City Community Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) (CCM) is a multi-agency meeting where information is shared on vulnerable victims and/or perpetrators of anti-social behaviour (ASB) between representatives from the statutory and voluntary sectors.

After sharing all relevant information, they have about a victim and/or perpetrator, the representatives discuss options for increasing the safety of the victim and/or perpetrator and turn these into a co-ordinated action plan.

The aim is to identify the highest risk, most complex cases and problem-solve the issues of concern. Victims also include those experiencing hate crime.

The main focus of the CCM is on managing the risk to the vulnerable victim and/or perpetrator and providing options for increased safety. It also considers other persons affected and manages the behaviour of any perpetrator. The panel will decide on the best approach to managing the overall risk to the victim, perpetrator or community and on effective safety planning strategies.

Information shared at the CCM is confidential and is only used for the purpose of reducing the risk of harm and safeguarding those at risk.

A victim and/or perpetrator should be referred to the CCM if they are vulnerable or at risk to either themselves or others. The case may be complex or involve a multi-agency approach. The case may be unusual and does not fall under the responsibility of another panel.

A referral form and risk assessment form are completed by professionals and submitted to the CCM Coordinator.

Meetings are held monthly and co-chaired by a senior officer from the City of London Police and the Community Safety Team. Core group members of the CCM include the City of London Police, Community Safety Team, Noise Team, Victim Support, Adult Social Care, East London Foundation Trust, Turning Point, Housing and the Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Team.

Meetings take place on Thursdays of each month

CCM Panel Dates 2022
Date Time Location New referrals to be sent to City Community MARAC Team
15 September 2022 2-4pm Microsoft Teams 7 September 2022

13 October 2022

2–4pm Microsoft Teams

5 October 2022

17 November 2022 2–4pm Microsoft Teams

9 November 2022

15 December 2022 2–4pm Microsoft Teams

7 December 2022

Send new referrals to the team by emailing City Community MARAC Team.

 Please contact the CCM Coordinator in the City Community MARAC Team

MARAC Referral Form PDF (200KB)
Date submitted: 2/11/20