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Prevent - Counter-Terrorism Strategy

Date updated: 18/05/2022

Prevent is one of the elements of CONTEST, the Government’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy. It aims to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism and work is led by the Local Authority and the Police.

The main focus of Prevent is safeguarding and supporting individuals who may be vulnerable to radicalisation from various strands of terrorism, such as right wing or religious extremism. In the same way that support is provided to people at risk of involvement with drugs, gangs, or other forms of harm, individuals vulnerable to being groomed into radicalisation can also be helped.

We provide training to a wide range of sectors (including education, businesses, support services, faith, charities, community groups, health) to help identify where there are risks of radicalisation

We accept referrals from professionals who highlight concerns regarding an individual or group and host a multi-agency meeting with support services, which is known as ‘Channel’. A robust action plan and intervention programme will be offered to that individual as well as on-going support in order to steer them away from harmful ideologies, behaviour and extremism.

We respond to the ideological challenge we face from terrorism and aspects of extremism, and the threat we face from those who promote these views.

The journey to becoming radicalised is different for everyone and there are many reasons why a person becomes vulnerable. If you’re worried that any of your friends, neighbours or relatives is at risk of getting involved in terrorism or extremism, there are signs to look out for. These include someone who:

  • is at a transitional phase in their life, perhaps leaving or starting college, or changing jobs
  • is looking to find an identity, a sense of belonging, status or excitement
  • is susceptible to being influenced or controlled, or wants to dominate others
  • has a sense of grievance, injustice or who feels under threat
  • has an emotional desire for political or moral change
  • is secretive about social networking contacts

Find out more about what to look out for on Act Early.

If you have any questions, concerns about an individual or would like to receive training email the City of London Prevent Team or City of London Police Prevent Team.

Prevent Referral Form PDF (400KB)
Date submitted: 27/11/20