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Is your property in the Square Mile?

We are only responsible for the collection of council tax for properties within a small area of central London known as the City of London or 'Square Mile'.

Find your local council to work out to which council you need to pay council tax.

Council tax amounts 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020

Each year the City of London Corporation sets the council tax amount payable for each band.

2019/2020 council tax amounts
Band ​Inner Temple Middle Temple City excluding Temples
A £648.44 £648.44 £648.44
B £756.51 £756.51 £756.51
C £864.59 £864.59 £864.59
D £972.66 £972.66 £972.66
E £1,188.81 £1,188.81 £1,188.81
F £1,404.95 £1,404.95 £1,404.95
G £1,621.10 £1,621.10 £1,621.10
H £1,945.32 £1,945.32 £1,945.32

In March each year you will be sent an annual council tax bill detailing the council tax amount due for the full financial year 1 April to 31 March next.

How to pay council tax
Contacts regarding council tax

Council tax financial information for 2019/20

Council tax and non-domestic rate booklet 2019-20 (240KB)

Revenues self service

If you have a council tax account with the City of London you can register to view your council tax account details online. For further information or details of how to register for this service please see our council tax online.

If your council tax account has already been closed , for security reasons, you will not be able to register that account for the self service facility.

How your bill is calculated

What you actually pay will depend on your own circumstances. There are some situations where your council tax bill can be reduced, or increased or where you may not have to pay a bill at all.

The amount of council tax you pay will depend on:

Council tax reductions available

There is further information available about the discounts, exemptions and relief available for council tax. This includes single persons discount, discounts for students and disabled band relief.

If you are on a low income and not already in receipt of a council tax reduction scheme discount and think you may be entitled to help paying your council tax please see our council tax reduction scheme.

Adult social care precept

From 2016/17 to 2019/20, the Government has allowed councils with adult social care responsibilities to increase council tax above the maximum set by council tax referendum thresholds.

For the financial years 2016/17 to 2018/19 the City of London did not increase the council tax for these purposes. The maximum permitted increase for adult social care for 2019/20 is 2%.  For the financial year 2019/20 the City Corporation has decided to increase council tax for these services and an adult social care precept has been calculated at £16.12 for a band D property. The adult social care precept is included within the overall council tax amounts shown above.

It is a government requirement that the adult social care precept is shown as a separate item on council tax bills. Therefore two percentage changes will be shown on your bill: one for the part of the overall change attributable to the adult social care precept, and one for the part attributable to the City’s general expenditure. 

Government statement concerning adult social care funding

“The Secretary of State for, Communities and Local Government has made an offer to adult social care authorities. (“adult social care authorities” are local authorities which have functions under Part 1 of the Care Act 2014, namely county councils in England, district councils for an area in England for which there is no county council, London borough councils, the Common Council of the City of London and the Council of the Isles of Scilly.)

The offer is the option of an adult social care authority being able to charge an additional “precept” on its council tax for financial years from the financial year beginning in 2016 without holding a referendum, to assist the authority in meeting expenditure on adult social care. Subject to the annual approval of the House of Commons, the Secretary of State intends to offer the option of charging this “precept” at an appropriate level in each financial year up to and including the financial year 2019/20.”

Warning - council tax scams

From time to time there are council tax scams operating nationally where bogus callers are telephoning residents purporting to be from the council. The City of London Corporation does not contact residents over the phone to arrange council tax rebates and never requests personal bank details except when a resident phones the City to discuss payments of their council tax bills.​​

Do not give your bank details or make payment to anyone who calls you out of the blue.

03 February 2015
Last Modified:
11 November 2019