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SustAEnable is creating new language learning materials based on the theme of green and sustainable living. The materials are being developed and tested by City of London's Adult Skills and Education service and its partners in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain and Sweden.

Because sustainability is such a current and important subject, the project is also creating and piloting a small number of learning materials other topics such as art, basic skills, ICT, health and well-being. In future, we hope to create more materials in more topics and welcome any suggestions.

All the materials are available on the project's resource pool and so far, teachers in the 6 partner countries have created 150 learning activities including teacher guides and supplementary handouts with more to come. Most of the materials are transferable to other languages and will be available in English, German, Spanish, Czech and Swedish.

SustAEnable project partners (all specialists in language education) are:

  • VÖV - Verband Österreichischer Volkshochschulen‬, Vienna, Austria
  • Educa, Jablonecs, Czech Republic
  • City of London Corporation, Adult Skills and Education Service, London, England
  • TVV - Thüringer Volkshochschulverband e. V., Jena, Germany and the project co-ordinator
  • EOI (Escuela Oficial de Idiomas) de Palma de Mallorca‬, Spain
  • Folkuniversitetet, Lund‬, Sweden

Social enterprise is a growing movement across the world – increasingly
we recognise the value of creating businesses with a social purpose at their heart and which plough the majority of their profit back into the business for the benefit of society.

Our Youthsport project created a training and assessment programme and for young people aged 18-30 who wanted to become social entrepreneurs in the field of sports development and management.

Youthsport partners were:

  • Abn Borgorete, a social – cooperative, Perugia, Italy and the project co-ordinator
  • City of London Corporation Adult Skills and Education Service
  • Curokova University, Adana, Turkey
  • Soros Educational Center – Miercurea Ciuc, Romania

We have talked to young people and teachers in Italy, Romania, Turkey and England to find out what qualities and training they think they need to become a social entrepreneur.

In September 2016, fifteen young people from each partner country met in Romania for a week to practise share they have learned and create a business plan for a sports related social enterprise.