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​Have your say on the proposed City of London Travel Policies

Why we are consulting

We are updating our Home to School Transport Policy, SEN Transport Policy and Post-16 Transport Policy Statement. These policies set out circumstances in which the local authority will provide assistance with transport to children and young people travelling to school, college or other place of learning.

The changes are being made to ensure a fair and transparent way of assessing eligibility support in line with guidance issued by the Department for Education.

What we are proposing

  • To merge the Home to School Transport Policy and the SEN Transport Policy into one policy document, and have a separate Post-16 Transport Policy, which will also be reviewed
  • A change in the way we assess transport needs
  • The type of support available to children and young people
  • Promoting independent travel
  • To implement the revised policies for the 2019-20 academic year

How to take part

Complete the survey.

Consultation ends on 23 November 2018

Before completing the survey, ensure you have read the old and proposed policies so that you have a good understanding of the changes.

Old Policies

Proposed Policies