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Sustainable school travel

    Arrow with green leaf illustrating sustainable travel

​From cleaner air to safer streets, sustainable travel benefits us all. Sustainable travel, put quite simply, is travel that improves the wellbeing of both the individual and the community. Walking and cycling are two examples of sustainable travel, as is the use of public transportation.

The City Corporation aims to support and promote these ways of travelling to and from school in the Square Mile. In doing so it is hoped to bring benefits for pupils, parents and teachers in the City of London, improving air quality, child health and road safety.

What is the City of London doing to promote sustainable travel?

The City Corporation is delivering a number of plans and programmes that reduce road danger, build skills and raise awareness. These include: 

  • Road Danger Reduction Plan
  • Cycling Plans
  • Walking and Pedestrian Skills
  • Cycling Skills
  • Road Safety Education
  • School Travel Plan Engineering
  • Quizdom Road Safety Knowledge Quiz
  • Youth Travel Ambassadors (YTA) scheme

You can find further details of these programs in the Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy (“SMoTS”) (297KB).   

How do I find out more about sustainable travel to school?

Contact the Family and Young People Information Service for to find out more by calling 020 7332 1002 or email the team


Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy (“SMoTS”) (297KB)