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Is an application required?

Making an application is easy. We just need some basic information about the project and some contact details.

You can use the PDF forms listed below, or apply online at Report, Pay, Apply.

Application forms

There are three types of application, all of which are straightforward.

Full Plans application (150KB)

This form can be used for all types of work. You will receive the comfort of a formal approval of your plans.

You need to submit the form with plans of the work you propose. We will consult the fire brigade and issue you with a formal approval which you can use to build to. This is valid for three years. Sometimes we will ask you for more information and minor alterations can be made during the project without the need to have a further formal approval. We will inspect works throughout the project.

Building Notice application (140KB)

This form is to be used for internal alterations to domestic premises only. No approval is issued and issues will be dealt with on site.

No plans are required but we may ask you for some information such as structural calculations. You will not receive a formal approval to build to and all issues are dealt with on site. We will inspect the works throughout the project.

Regularisation application (85KB)

This form is to be used if no application has been made before the works are completed.

We will inspect the works and ask you for any information we need. You may need to open areas to allow us to inspect.

You can also make online applications for schemes up to £5M by going to Report, Pay, Apply.

At the end of any project we will issue a completion certificate, which is an important legal document for you.

Need help making an application?

If you need help with making an application either email the District Surveyor or call 020 7332 1000.

Commencement and completion notice

To notify us of commencement and completion stages of projects complete and return the appropriate form below.

Commencement Notice (70KB)

Completion Notice (70KB)

If you are having construction or refurbishment work done, you may need to notify the Health & Safety Executive.