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Building notice and full plans charges

Building Notice Charges (68KB)

Full Plans Charges (70KB)

The charges tables cover work costing less than £100,000.

If the cost of work exceeds £100,000 or for general fee enquiries contact Mark Pundsack 020 7332 1953 or Gordon Roy 020 7332 1962 or email the District Surveyor to discuss your project.

When the cost of work is between £1m and £5m the charge may be assessed as either a set charge or receive an individual quotation, whichever is appropriate.

For work estimated to cost more than £5m the charge will be assessed as part of a project specific quotation based upon a range of additional factors including complexity, contract period, floor area and number of storeys.

Project specific quotations will also be used for all new buildings as well as regularisation and reversion applications.

We have set the charges to reflect the resources that the District Surveyor needs to allocate to individual projects providing value for money for our customers. To help achieve this the projects covered by set charges are assessed against both cost and category of the work involved.

Our charges are set only to recover our costs. There is no profit element for this service.

The charges scheme for the Building Control service operated by the City of London is known as Building Regulations Charges Scheme No.2, 2018 of the City of London Corporation.

The scheme has been set in accordance with The Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010.

The new Building Regulations Charges Scheme No. 2, 2018 of the City of London Corporation can be inspected free of charge on request along with our financial statement.

These charges are subject to regular review and possible adjustment.​