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City Public Realm

The public realm of the City of London, the streets and spaces between buildings that we all share, has a rich and dynamic character that has evolved over the course of several centuries.

The streets are routes that connect the City together, but they are also places in their own right. They can serve as a lunchtime retreat, or the venue for an impromptu business meeting. They form the setting for both historic monuments and new office towers.

The City needs to continually evolve to meet the needs of the growing community and an increasing number of visitors. Enhancing and unifying the fabric of the City's public realm will continue for many years to come.

The City's gateway process for projects

Approval of the City of London Corporation's programme of projects is the responsibility of the Policy and Resources Committee through its Projects Sub-Committee, which scrutinises individual projects, and the Resource Allocation Sub-Committee, which considers the overall programme of project activity and its funding. Decisions about projects are made in conjunction with Spending Committees and the Court of Common Council for high value projects.

The Projects Sub-Committee periodically receives programme reports on all capital and supplementary revenue projects and can 'call in' any project at any stage of the Approval Process when it is considered appropriate to do so. There may be a number of project reports and stages to be presented to different committee meetings to agree the progression of the project. The cost, risk and issues associated with the project will affect how quickly it can progress through each stage of the Approval Process.

Your City Public Realm officer will guide you throughout the gateway process.


For further information please email the Public Realm team.

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