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Globe View walkway proposals

​This project involves improvements to the currently closed section of Riverside Walkway within the Globe View building, west of the Queensbridge House Hotel.

The project has been on hold since 2015 when City of London Committees agreed that this section of walkway could not be opened up until the Queensbridge House Hotel section of walkway is completed in order to avoid issues of anti-social behaviour and rough sleeping that had previously been experienced in such an isolated section of walkway.

Delays to the hotel development have been longer than anticipated due to a legal dispute and construction logistics complexities.

The project aims to improve the look and feel of the walkway to create an enticing and safe environment. This would be achieved through widening openings where possible to introduce as much natural light as possible, minimising blind spots through alterations to buttresses, columns and ledges as well as a lighting design to create an enticing atmosphere as opposed to utilitarian.

Proposed Option 1

The proposed concept design option 1 (345KB) focuses on maximising natural light through the widening of openings (as far as is structurally possible). Sloping and boxing ledges would enable to design out any potential anti-social behaviour. These boxes provide an opportunity for bespoke lighting to create an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming as opposed to a utilitarian feel. Together with the elimination of blind spots through layout changes, the improved walkway will feel safe whether it be day or night time.

Budget allowing, there is potential to further enhance the space through bespoke artwork that would be developed involving stakeholders in an artist collaboration. The design is at concept stage and will be developed further with consultees’ feedback.

Proposed Option 2

The proposed concept design option 2 (330KB) is inspired by the Thames and the diffraction of waves. It proposes a continuous wavy cladding along the Globe View building side of the walkway to eliminate blind spots. The widening of openings on the river side of the walkway would enable natural light to bounce off the glass of the cladding. Ledges will be sloped (as far as is structurally possible) to design out any potential anti-social behaviour.

The uneven ceiling will be enhanced with a suspended structure that echoes the water diffraction theme of the cladding. At night the structure would light the walkway creating an enticing look and feel where users feel safe. The design is at concept stage and will be developed further with consultees’ feedback.