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Little Trinity Lane

Little Trinity Lane

The Little Trinity Lane public realm enhancement project aims to:

  • Enhance the public realm in the vicinity of new developments on Garlick Hill and Little Trinity Lane to ensure a high quality setting;
  • Improve accessibility and comfort for pedestrians
  • Deliver an inclusive public realm;
  • Enhance the existing public space to make it more useable and pleasant including measures to mitigate pollution and noise;
  • Increase trees and planting to soften the environment and help mitigate the impact of pollution.

The project focusses on improving accessibility and connectivity of Mansion House to the riverside and on delivering a tranquil space with reduced pollution and noise through the re-landscaping of the linear green public space at the southern end of Little Trinity Lane. It will also involve improvements to lighting, wayfinding and additional seating.

The project team will into developing innovative solutions to minimise noise and pollution from Upper Thames Street and explore opportunities for smart technology embedded in the street furniture.

The proposed design (446KB) is centred around the following key elements:

  • Re-landscaping and increasing the greening in the public space at the southern end of Little Trinity Lane;
  • Innovative solutions to best mitigate pollution and noise from Upper Thame St;
  • Widened footways and raised carriageway to enhance the area’s pedestrian feel;
  • Improved and additional seating;
  • New lighting scheme to enhance the prominence of the church in the public space and create an atmosphere that feels safe and inviting for users.