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Enforcement plan

The Enforcement Plan (360KB) sets out the City's approach to planning enforcement. It explains the principles and procedures the City follows to ensure that development and works to trees are properly regulated and contains standards and targets to be worked to.

The Enforcement Plan includes the following documents.

Enforcement Plan Adoption Statement (80KB)

Enforcement Plan Equality Impact Assessment (600KB)

Enforcement Plan Sustainability Appraisal Screening Report (150KB)

Enforcement Plan Consultation Statement (100KB)

Planning Enforcement Standards

These planning enforcement standards explain what steps we take if

  • you are in breach of planning control
  • you want to report a suspected breach of planning control

Before undertaking any works to a property or changing a use you should ensure the correct permissions or consents are in place.​

We aim to work in an open and fair manner in making planning enforcement decisions.

These standards are not a statement of the law and you should seek independent planning advice when appropriate​​​​​​