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Property searches

The Property Search Team provides a service to purchasers and lessees of commercial and residential property in the City of London through the CON29 process.

Contact us

Property Search Team
The Department of the Built Environment
PO Box 270


020 7332 1710

Property Search Fees

Type Fee
CON29 £133.20 (£111.00 +VAT)
CON29O £7.20 per question (£6.00 +VAT)
Each parcel of land added to a CON29 or CON29O £36.00 per question (£30.00 +VAT)
Each question added by a solicitor to a CON29 or CON29O £36.00 (£30.00 +VAT)

Local land charges

Local Land Charges (LLC1) searches are provided by the HM Land Registry. You can access the digital service via your portal account and at HM Land Registry.

Alternatively you can use a search provider who will access the HM Land Registry Local Land Charges service for you. For more information go to the HM Land Registry programme page.

Public access status

The City of London Access Map shows the access status of the land in the City of London. The map is provided in the belief that it represents the information currently available to the City of London, but on the basis that neither the City of London Corporation nor any council officer is legally responsible unless acting negligently.

The Public Access Map information is available through the City of London interactive map.

A list of definitions used in the Public Access Map is available here:

City of London Public Access Map Definitions (122KB)

Our service

To ensure we can provide an efficient service, we start a search soon as reasonably practicable. We normally aim to reply to CON29 enquiries within six working days of accepting the application. However currently, our response may be delayed. We will endeavour to keep you informed of any delay and do our best to respond in a timely fashion.

Please note that the stated response time only applies if the application is complete with the correct address, fee and plan if requested.

Cancellation policy

To avoid you incurring unnecessary costs, please ensure you still need your search when you submit it as once we have accepted your application it will not be cancelled and we will collect the full fee. Further searches may be delayed due to non-payment of any fees.