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​The City of London has a high quality environment that we strive to maintain and enhance. These pages offer advice to developers and architects and showcase recent examples of the best design and sustainable development.

World-famous architecture

The City is home to some of the country's most notable modern buildings and attracts leading architects from around the world. Our videos show examples of the best design.

Award winning architecture - office buildings

Architecture in the City: a tour of modern buildings in the Square Mile

Sustainable design

We promote building design that minimises the impact of development on the environment. Look at the case studies of recent sustainably-designed buildings and examples of green roofs and green walls.

Design guidance

We provide advice to developers and applicants on aspects of building design.

Trees and open spaces

Although the City is densely built up, we work to increase the amount of open space and the number of trees in the Square Mile.

Flood risk

We work to ensure that the City continues to be at low risk of flooding.