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London city skyline

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Applicants, developers and architects can use this range of planning advice notes and publications which promote good design.

Planning advice notes on microclimatic issues

Four advice notes aim to provide clarity on the potential microclimatic impacts arising from development:

Solar Glare (928KB)

Solar Convergence (308KB)

Sunlight (1.3MB)

Wind and Tall Buildings (1.3MB)

Other guidances

Standard highway and servicing requirements

Highway and servicing standards servicing for developments.

Standard Highway and Servicing requirements (700KB)

Delivery and servicing

Guidance for new developments and existing occupiers on managing delivery and servicing arrangements through a Delivery and Servicing Plan

Delivery and Service Guidance (420KB)


Advice about the appearance of displays on site hoardings.

Hoarding Advice Note (1MB)

Incoming utility services

Advice for major utility providers to assist developers in planning connections to new buildings.
Guideline for utility services (1MB)

Shop front design

This booklet encourages shop front design acknowledging the relationship between the shop front and the building into which it is set and its context within the street scene.

Shop fronts Design Review (1MB) 

15 October 2013
Last Modified:
20 May 2019