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The City of London Corporation works to ensure that the City stays at low risk from flooding.

We are the lead local authority with responsibility for the coordination of actions to address flood risk in the City.

Under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, we are required to:

  • prepare a local flood risk management strategy
  • investigate and report on flooding incidents
  • maintain a register of flood prevention assets
  • act as "approving body" with regard to surface water drainage

Strategic flood risk assessment

The City of London Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2012 (3MB) (SFRA 2012) provides the most up-to-date information regarding the risks the City faces from river and coastal, surface water, sewer and ground water flooding. This demonstrates that there are relatively small areas of the City which are at risk of flooding.

Appendices A, B, C

Appendix D: large maps

D1  Maps unchanged from previous SFRA

D2  Maps from Drain London Surface Water Management Plan

D3  Maps that are updated versions of those from previous SFRA

D4  New Maps from Tidal Breach Modelling

D5  New Maps from Tidal Undefended Modelling

D6  New Maps from Surface Water Modelling

D7  Flood Asset Register

Appendix E: Additional Surface Water Modelling 1 in 1000 years

Previous flood risk assessment

The previous Flood Risk Assessment was carried out in 2007

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16 October 2013
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29 September 2017