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Green roofs across City of London

The City Corporation actively encourages the installation of green roofs and green walls for their many environmental benefits. Green roofs and walls enhance biodiversity, reduce rainwater run-off, improve insulation, moderate the local climate and make buildings more attractive. 

Green roof case studies

The City's entry for the RTPI National Awards for Planning Excellence 2017 was selected as winner in the category 'Excellence in Planning for the Natural Environment'. This celebrated the City's success in planning and delivering green roofs in the City of London. Further information is available in the document below.

We have produced a report on case studies which provide practical examples for delivering green roofs in the City.

Green roof guidance note

To introduce planners, developers and architects to green roofs the City Corporation and British Council for Offices produced a Green roof guidance note in 2003.

Monitoring Report

The Local Plan Monitoring Report Policy CS19: Green Roofs provides a detailed analysis of projects delivered within the City of London. The report looks at the spatial distribution and financial year of completion, along with a review of the different types of green roof, public access, biodiversity and sustainability considerations.

Further Information

The City's Biodiversity Action Plan 2016-2020 (3MB) includes a habitat action plan for built structures, which encourages the incorporation in development of wildlife-friendly features such as green roofs.

The Mayor of London prepared guidance on Living Roofs and Walls.

23 October 2013
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03 June 2019