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St Pauls

​The City of London Corporation promotes buildings that are designed to minimise their impact on the environment. Our case studies demonstrate examples of recent best practice in the City.

Our Local Plan 2015 document sets out our overall planning policies: see section 3.15 - Sustainable development and climate change. 

Sustainable design case studies

We aim to create a more sustainable City by promoting buildings that achieve:

  • a BREEAM rating of "excellent" or "outstanding"
  • reduced carbon emissions in line with Government targets for zero carbon buildings
  • resource efficiency during construction and operation
  • improved air, water and land quality, and biodiversity
  • resilience to future climate change

Explore our case studies of recent schemes in the City that illustrate good examples of sustainable design.

Green roofs and walls

Green roofs and walls enhance the environment, promote biodiversity, reduce the urban "heat island" effect, improve insulation and reduce rain water run-off. Find out how we encourage the installation of green roofs and see our case studies of green walls.

Further information

See the City's sustainability pages which feature information on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Our environmental protection pages include information on air quality and noise.

The Mayor of London has prepared planning guidance on sustainable design and construction.

06 August 2014
Last Modified:
01 April 2019