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���Energy-efficient office building incorporating fuel cell power plants


Rafael Vinoly

BREEAM rating


This office development (dubbed the ‘Walkie Talkie’) comprises a 37 storey tower block and a 4 storey annexe containing over 100,000sq.m. of floor space. An energy strategy was developed that includes measures to improve energy efficiency as well as a more detailed assessment of the proposed fuel cell technology and photovoltaic panel installation, incorporated into the structural roof fins above the sky garden. 

The energy strategy would result in the following carbon dioxide emissions savings compared to the requirements of the building regulations:

  • Savings from energy demand reduction 10.73%
  • Savings from CHP/CCHP 12.30%
  • Savings from low carbon and renewable energy technologies 0.80
  • Total 22.30%

A fuel cell is an electrochemical device that converts chemical energy directly and efficiently into electrical power using hydrogen (in this case extracted from natural gas) and oxygen from the ambient air. A natural gas fuel cell unit, combined with an absorption chiller plan, will provide low-carbon power, heat and chilled water for this development and will be installed in the basement. 

Download the fuel cell specification (1.1MB)

30 October 2013
Last Modified:
19 December 2018