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    View of 5 Broadgate.

    ​© MAKE Architects

    Image of 5 Broadgate lit up at night.

    ​© MAKE Architects

Energy-efficient building design



BREEAM rating


This 14 storey building was granted planning permission in 2011 and is currently under construction. It is conceived as a giant metal engine block, emphasised by its 34,000sq.m of stainless steel cladding.

The architects worked closely with the cladding contractor to develop the most energy-efficient, low-impact methods of design and production. 

65% of the façade is solid, providing a thermally high-performing envelope and reducing solar gain.

Its energy strategy achieves a 30% improvement in carbon emissions compared with the building regulations baseline, and exceeds the London Plan’s target of 25%.

The development includes:

  • 350sqm of solar thermal panels and 850sqm photovoltaic panels on the roof
  • 445sqm of green terraces forming raised ‘courtyards’ at levels 7 and 9
  • 700sqm of green roofs
  • 210sqm of landscaped open space open to the public, including new trees

The green roofs and rainwater harvesting reduce surface water run-off rates, while a storage tank at basement level slows discharge during heavy rainfall.